Subway Collective is the brainchild of Jonna Foss whose passion for music brought together a group of innovative musicians to create a fusion of sound. From triphop to trance and all electronica in-between they create soundscapes that challenge the mind as well as the emotions.

Jonna says, "The music carries a vibe which emanates from living on the outskirts of a big city. It is sometimes a difficult experience and our darker music is crafted from the challenges we and many others feel about living life in a faceless place where everyone is competing to be heard. As musicians we came together as the walking wounded and most of us have been unsatisfied in other bands. Subway Collective definitely gives us one voice and we all contribute something different. I have spent a lot of time in Bristol and Manchester and this has helped to create the Subway Vibe (as well as my strange fascination with high-rise architecture)". He explained that, "Most of my time is spent on writing, remixing and production and I contribute some vocals". Subway Collective are currently working on 3 projects.

The musicians in the Collective include Skvis who has spent 7 years in Iceland and the Icelandic culture has helped to develop her creativity and experimental nature - her voice is like a tone of ice in the way it cuts through their music. Skvis has just completed her Sound Engineering degree at LIPA.

Ray Jones - a cool dude and wicked guitarist, has been involved from the beginning. Rays funky guitar licks and his relaxed approach to music creation enable him and Jonna to work well not only in a studio environment but also live.

Other vocal contributions have been provided by Olivia Swanston - soul vocalist, Sian Webley and Beth Jones. The most recent vocal contribution is from Kati B who has a "voice like frayed silk" according to Jonna. Kati launched her singing debut with the Collective, at Revolution Bar on Deansgate Locks in Manchester, on the 1st of October 2002

Jonna says, "We have links with some great producers and our music is receiving a fantastic reception from all who hear it and the album isn't even out yet so who knows..." The forthcoming album "Sounds from the...." is destined for critical aclaim.

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